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Kerry Getz

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I fucking can't wait for spring and summer to get here. #overwinter @ryangee_photo

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Kerry Getz
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kerrygetz 1361151330
@ethan_sela watch mosaic. Did done that shit son👊
ethan_sela 1361151379
Shit your right! Hahaha yo man could you give me a follos? @getzhabitat
jalen_six 1361151530
Sounds good. I'm so hyped for spring. Ohio winter sucks, in sure Philly weather sucks just as much. It would be such a tease with that ramp in your yard waiting to be kickflip melon to fakied haha
kevinbarthold 1361155050
#ifeelyou @getzhabitat
kerrygetz 1361166980
@ethan_sela following 👊
ethan_sela 1361208709
Thanks man! @getzhabitat
chadburr 1361464395
Hockey temper Getz! Remember cky lol
kerrygetz 1361477921
@chadalinas Hockey Tempers been working on a huge project that's about to drop next month. You'll soon know about it!👍
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