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Don Brown

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I gotta work on my bicep curls.

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Don Brown
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desiree_astorga 1361047131
When the modeling shoot with ur guns?
revilow 1361047773
Vintage wife beating.
pigdog237 1361047942
@__bert @don_brown Peter Sutcliffe used to rock the inverted tank top, to keep him warm whilst not hindering his "work" on chilly Yorkshire nights, isn't that right @beeps1973?
hynita 1361049815
Looks like it's just my size💪💪
woodruffalex 1361052482
And ironing.
don_brown 1361080567
My mum used to try iron my tshirts @woodruffalex when I went back!
woodruffalex 1361129649
Haha that's pretty well how any ironing exists for me too. Of my own accord I own a steamer. Best thing in a pinch.
don_brown 1379003381
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