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Chico Brenes

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Thank you @drdavidsales & #Metagenics for the supplements.. Get some nextlevelrehab.com #HealthIsWealth

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Chico Brenes
1boxofjuice 1361035937
@chicobrenes literally what you take everyday? I wanna skate forever too!
omarsalazar 1361036047
@chicobrenes im packed and loaded too! @drdavidsales is amazing at what he does! Here at the momeny
omarsalazar 1361036053
omarsalazar 1361036083
I meant at the moment
chicobrenes 1361037569
@1boxofjuice Everyday - *Endura- Energy and Hydration electrolyte formula. *EC- Matrixx - Supports the connective tissue health of ligaments, tendon, and cartilage. *Chrondrocare - Glucosamine and MSN- stimulates new cartilage growth and repair. *OmegaGenis EPA - DHA - Fish Oil Clinically proven to reduce inflammation & decrease pain.
1boxofjuice 1361037825
@chicobrenes i really appreciate it, I'd rather take some stuff that i know the veterans are taking. Respect homie.
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