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Rob Meronek

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It's insane how much butter goes in empanada dough. Getting #fatboy today for a feast with ethnic pals.

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Rob Meronek
whatpeoplearemadeof 1361031098
Something you learned in Chile I suppose.
terikamaru 1361031370
you guys ❤empanadas!! you should make dumplings instead be more Asian!
satanfinger 1361034408
how many sticks? Wonder if you could make pot butter Empanadas. #nextlevel
anthonyfurlong 1361038228
@meronek damn that is nuts.
meronek 1361040226
@satanfinger one cup = two sticks. It's about 30 empanadas so that's not so bad, but seeing two sticks of yellow grease go into something is nuts. Can't wait to be back in Chile @incfoto. @terikamaru yeah I think the empanada takes the crown of wrapped food. At least us Asians didn't come up with pigs in a blanket ha
whatpeoplearemadeof 1361053383
You should try sopaipillas, they are so good. Perfect 4 cold days 👌
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