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Nigel Alexander

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What Do You Guys Think Of Filmers & Photographers That Don't Skate ? Im Starting To Think They Are The Ultimate Posers & Moochers. Jus Sayin 😎

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Nigel Alexander
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htmaas 1361005931
edwardlwalker 1361008597
@nkalexander7 just like in Hollywood, Directors start as actors. I was an actor in high school, my buddies were also actors and now they are producing and directing movies. You got to skate before you learn to film. It's how it goes. You act before you direct. I skated before i filmed, and still skate while I film. Flatground is my home.
haydenkishh 1361029838
That's just like saying you hate skaters who don't film . If they like to film skateboarding then let them film skateboarding! Who are we to judge what they do? That's just messed up to make fun of and hate the skate filmers who don't skate . Don't take this comment to heart. Just my opinion @nkalexander7
mutantpros 1361036213
Thanks for the repost. Do you agree??
mutantpros 1361036382
DuBose, Brandon. Published by @mutantpros, 2/14/13.
nkavids 1361040412
@mutantpros Hell Yeah Lets Skate Soon Dude. 😎
mutantpros 1361048620
Cool, cool. I'll hit u up player.
gizmolaflare 1361059952
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