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Max Schaaf

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Love em and leave em. My little friend Toby had to sell his bike today to fund his new gen shovel. Early a.m ride to San Quentin.... Oddly one of the best views of the bay. Toby and I have laughed, cried, bickered and rode together lots over the last 6 or so years. This bike was always the vehicle for adventure. It will be missed. Tobe I love you and thanks for always being a solid bro... Even when it means picking me up at midnight with a flat on the bridge. #swansong #greenerpastures #upsanddowns #manlove

4q69 Instagram profile picture
Max Schaaf
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claytonrecord 1361394298
@4q69 happy birthday man, hope you're enjoying a memorable day.
tram_skitcher 1361395337
Happy birthday day!! Keep shredding! @4q69
4q69 1361397665
@toddfrancisart @tyscode @brandonlasko @jivemedina thanks guys. 🎭
dearmamat 1361398803
@4q69 Hope you have an awesome birthday!
ha_rry_ch_an 1361399204
@4q69, happy birthday
heavynthestreetz 1361403239
Happy birthday homey. Hope its a good one. Shane. @4q69
capncooke 1361405988
Happy birthday Max! @4q69
dandwyre 1364864117
@4q69 good chillin with ya at tampa pro. Make more shirts haha.
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