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Behind the scenes from our @wesc1999 @wesc_usa #spring13 #photoshoot at #jimihendrix 's old house! @thegeoffmoore behind the lends while I grind the love seat where forsure a lot of loving went down! ⚡

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currencaples 1360972848
You are killing it!!!!😧
oscarmeza 1360975927
You inspire me to skate pools @currencaples ! Can I have your autograph?
trevuhhward 1361090584
Wait jimis place? Seattle?
oscarmeza 1361096281
He had a house in Hollywood hills as well! @trevuhhward
trevuhhward 1361101056
Dang did not know that! So sick. How's that pool? ;)
dannyminnick 1361129042
@oscarmezzza yo fool why didn't you take me you kjhg
oscarmeza 1361130719
@dannyminnick because I didn't want to see you throw out frontside blunts all over the place fool!!!
oscarmeza 1361130807
@trevuhhward yeah it was an awesome experience forsure. The pool was super fun
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