Photo from eli__reed

Eric Dressen!! #suprillzzz

timeisillmatic_ 1360949735
@joschasworld skateboarding royalty as grosso so eloquently put it
wigsplit81 1360950263
@joschasworld really you have no idea ?? My advice is to read up on some history my dude go buy all the old @santacruzskateboards videos from late 80's early 90's an watch them till your eyes bleed then come back with a better question other than who is this .. dam kids these days don't know shit
also_mir 1360950338
I can fakie ollie @wigsplit81
wigsplit81 1360950499
@joschasworld that's fantastic keep learning while your learning how to skate learn where about the guys that made skating what is today an the guys that are still out there grinding . You should no about these guys all of .. I want a full report on my desk Monday morning sharp
godsguesthouse 1360953192
💰timing #dressensohotrightnow
theloveleon 1360963637
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