Photo from edselego

Learning the craft. #masonry #craft #DIY

mderewenko 1360946007
Where'd the pump go
edselego 1360946598
@mderewenko got seized up from record high waters. Took it apart and fixed it though, things a beast! Raising up that customized slab you poured 7 years ago😀👍
mderewenko 1360946683
Nice, make sure you prime it real good upon start up
abebethel 1360950060
When can he start at the Tf? 😂
edselego 1360951065
@abethel haha I know, put em to work! I was going over to do a little remodeling today. Come through..
coming_up_short 1360952077
33rd degree?
edselego 1360962895
@coming_up_short Entered Apprentice
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