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Gabe Clement

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I have been sending promo out to skaters, friends and randoms for more than... Any ways, getting a hand written letter and a shirt in th mail mean a lot. Thank you @cullentraverso for makin my day. #fuckedupcopscomin @jasonranft 🍻 πŸ‘

beergut74 Instagram profile picture
Gabe Clement
beergut74 1360901717
Let me get to this one before some one else #bromance
hottub_ashley 1360901820
It's because your one of the best dudes ever! @beergut74 #bestdudeout #friendstilltheend
dano348 1360902300
Wait @beergut74 that has a motorcycle on it bro???
kyleberard 1360904222
Fucc yeah. Welcome to the team @beergut74
jasonranft 1360904471
Fuck yeah @cullentraverso for making my day to, 🍻Back to you @beergut74
sugenasty 1360910431
Many a thanks, Gabe!
instaramp 1360936319
That's rad @cullentraverso @beergut74 could never thank you enough homiee
beergut74 1360964187
Warn me before I get jumped in! @kyleberard @cullentraverso
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