Photo from nuge666

@volcanicsunrise ollies #hisdogkeeper

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dschernavy 1360883921
jennaloumason 1360883955
@nuge666 Is that a jacket wrapped around that dog'a head?!?!?
wildjita 1360884061
Fool in the back is trippin
nuge666 1360890626
@jennamaison yup had to blond fold him
stefan_da_don 1360891754
@wildjita r u still on vans and foundation?
hotsauce_9 1360904785
Hah. Yes
flyingdarkhumanxid 1361135265
Hey chill out
thonguyen91 1372447351
@phuuuuuuuuuudo =))) kiểu deathwish vídeo vđ :)))
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