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Shane Oneill

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Ready for the night.. #skatemental

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Shane Oneill
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spliff_simmons 1365737286
So i dont have to worry about breaking boards all the time and so i save money buying boards buying them whole sale from the company saves you alot
justjjohnny 1369074375
@spliff_simmons yo where do you buy them in 100 ill do it if its cheaper
jujuuuuuh_ 1369657712
you can't buy it in germany but i fucking want that !♡ can u send one ? :D @shanejoneill
blackout_14 1376878947
I have that board
jvlairmore2 1379226191
best looking board ever!!! your my idol!!! I wish I can be you.. I now your probably busy but if you have any free time can you give me some tips of doing Ollie's and kickflips. thanks
anthonyeaston 1382314294
jonathanngo99 1383705275
I need that deck so bad...
justinturner___ 1392139205
Where do u get those boards
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