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Paul Rodriguez

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Out in Downtown LA doing an @mountaindew photo shoot!! A I'm hyped my man @nickfucker is a part of the dew squad now!!! Photos by @hermanjshots @primitive_la.

prod84 Instagram profile picture
Paul Rodriguez
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lopezcal45 1360903768
@bills_bag why not. Free country man. I can't say what I think ? It's a stupid ass pic p-rod the man. But this pic is stupid as fuck plus this kid sucks!
bills_bag 1360903807
@makehate100 hes better than u
_basedjonathan 1362457080
If he sucks why does he has a long list of great sponsers? @makehate100
lopezcal45 1362458080
@skatedonthate831 compare to other skaters he sucks.
_basedjonathan 1362462349
Bigger flip a 4 block? Your sounding like an idiot @makehate100
lopezcal45 1362545067
@skatedonthate831 fuck u. And your just another looser that never got good at skating now Looks up to all this pros.
_basedjonathan 1362546227
How would uou know how I can skate? @makehate100
herbanbboy 1384297751
#kage #gsf
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