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Tony Hawk

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Above this "skater" is a palm tree. Behind the palm tree is my used skateboard. Hint: Sunset Blvd. Good luck.

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Tony Hawk
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yesirrrrr 1360805727
@tonyhawk you've been doing this for years, right? I think I remember seeing this first done in a skate video a looooong time ago
bulletprooftofu 1360806605
You know there is a sunset blvd in San Francisco right? Just thought I'd let you know....
voltron97 1360810168
There is also a sunset blvd in Ormond beach. But hey... Nobody caresss
o.delarue 1360828121
@shropshirelad well good. Ronnie creager did an episode on 411 where he buried and hid shit loads of product, so after the video came out there must have been a million holes all over LA.
bushisms 1360855632
Crap! I was just there over the weekend. Stayed near sunset and silver lake. So close.
hwalkercole 1360863758
@justinscottlucas fickkkk
corey_campbell_ 1360949831
mfd_studio 1360993666
dope!! @cachicken @eyeone_sh count me in if you redo wall.
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