Photo from nuge666

Me and momma Nuge. Shes holding the same polaroid. 2011 sxsw

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elevators shirt in,kick ass man!
giovannireda 1360793254
@nuge666 Can I tattoo Daniel Castillo on your moms arm too? It can be something you and your moms can bind over. Let me know!
nuge666 1360793333
@giovannireda just talked it to her. Shes down
thegeneralgrant 1360797557
I still remember her driving us to The Black Market skate shop. You were blasting Pennywise, and me & Hus were blown away at how far her seat could go forward.
giovannireda 1360798147
@nuge666 It's on!!!
nuge666 1360805733
@thegeneralgrant haaaaaaa
linh_do 1360810489
rhondavu1 1361240085
Awww, I miss your mom!
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