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Paul Rodriguez

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@target shopping spree courtesy of @jdhitsthelip

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Paul Rodriguez
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jobiwankenobi45 1363919299
@rosyadtr if he would've gone to my store I would've clocked out and kicked it with him! Lol
fearlessdolly 1363919371
How cool huh...I wonder what target he went too.. @j_rex8
jobiwankenobi45 1363930119
@rosyadtr judging from the guera in line most likely like Beverly Hills and shit lmao
fearlessdolly 1363930684
Hahaha, but u were there... @j_rex8 in Beverly hills
jobiwankenobi45 1363966075
@rosyadtr imagine if he was! ...fuck my life ! Lol
fearlessdolly 1364006433
That would suck :/
justin_tan123 1370105466
Prod you should come to Lowell and skate with me
itsmelibee 1398021531
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