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Chaz Ortiz

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Thanks @drdavidsales for making me function and skate again ur the man

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Chaz Ortiz
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adrianbear22 1360722088
drewsteezz 1360723882
Stay good bro @steezortiz
hannleann_ 1360732503
oh yeah lookin good stretching chaz
chazortiz 1360735656
@hannahlmancuso 😝😝
cygnini13 1360866572
Chaz this is Bryce swan, I just broke my ankle 2 days ago, can you please comment back and say something to me to support me to keep skating, my uncle is trying to make me stop ,because the x-ray cost him money. Can you please say something/comment back to me, it would everything if you did!! You're my favorite skater! @steezortiz @steezortiz
cygnini13 1360885478
Please Chaz I know you can see this.. I really want to skate again, can you just tell me that you've had your UPS and downs and that I should never quit skateboarding? Please @steezortiz
scarface_assassin 1360903661
@diamondskater_swan its skate or die, if you stop you a loser so keep pushing.
cygnini13 1360926715
I mean, @demontoker69 I've only.been skateboarding for a year and all my friends say I'm pretty good but also I've roller my ankle sooooooo many times and broke it twice, when I get older I won't even be able to walk.
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