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Old post #mondaymemories this rock fakie was so fun! Thanks to Chino locals for help set this rig up!! Goodtimes with @colinmkennedy @aacostaa @landonmitchell and his awesome brother Kyle!!

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Daewon Song
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lifewithzapata 1363389445
That does not seem fun
360__mike 1364228803
@daewon1song u ever been to fdr park in philly* I could see you doing some insane tricks there
surbs1980 1365268938
Craziness and awesome.
pkay714 1368214911
sicker than your average
therealmcsteezy 1381395999
tostonedtothink 1391188160
You need to come skate greenhurst barn in mt. Pleasant, Iowa. Its a pretty sick spot all very tho... good place for flow, its got a 12 or 14 foot half pipe. A decent size bowl and the main part is two 7foot half pipes connected with roll in and drop in. Pretty sick
tostonedtothink 1391188176
black_n_gray 1393435051
I remember this on the cover of skateboard mag
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