Photo from nuge666

If your in the neighborhood, theres a pair of @loudheadphones here

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han3255 1360539489
really?! @imrarebro
han3255 1360540553
no thats awesome @imrarebro
triptribe 1360540834
This is the coolest thing I've ever seen instagram used for
_mrandy_ 1360541818
Is that erragon? @nuge666 I live like a street away hahahahah
tonyrkbamf 1360543046
@nuge666 that's so sick that you would do somethin like that dude. Mad respect homie!
pretty_fucking_sad 1360543957
@imrarebro pics or it didn't happen
versaceusa 1360548950
^ yesss
keefingitreal 1360550612
I found a dead penguin that had choked to death on them. Thanks @nuge666
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