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Photo from erickoston


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dudetrythesenachos 1360615726
@frescojiggs okay okay i realize it was wrong to come in and aggressively shove my opinion down everyones neck hole. But in all honesty "hopsin>tyler. Js" is like the least combative statement ever made. Literally didnt say tyler sucks, i honestly have nothing against him, JUST SAYING that i prefer hopsin. Obviously you dont agree. @lookitsjake didnt either. But he humbly gave his opinion and thats was all. Thank you sir thats what i intended. And i would like to say i dont agree that it isnt relevant. Check the fresh pic of tyler on @erickoston the comments talk about tyler and hopsin. Actually kinda like this! Just thought you should know....
turntrie 1360813907
Hey thebe
henryknudsen 1366309445
Haha Thebes hair
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