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Being a skateboarder, I hate rolling my ankles. Try the Ankle Stabilizer by @etceteraproject if you need help getting back on your board and healing up. #getwellsoon #rice

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Ronnie Creager
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mdri.__ 1384194063
Yeah! Thanks!!!
kanyetitty 1385357674
@ronniecreager I am getting the hardware out of my ankle tomorrow at 8am and I just stumbled upon this! I'm super excited that it exists! Thanks !
ronniecreager 1385391187
@uurffwormanz let me know how it goes. Heal up!
a_spacetime_odyssey 1387162137
I was wearing these and still rolled my ankle nothing against the product at all, second roll with the same ankle just shit ankles I think.. Fav skater Ronnie creager for sure! My all time fav board was the Ronnie creager bad boy series very long time ago wish I could get that board again I wouldn't skate it tho
@kickflip_city they make them for kneea
thomascherry_ 1405035992
Wow wish I knew about these when I couldn't skate for a year
toby_mantl 1405815087
I'm so thankful for the Ankle Stabilizer! @ronniecreager
ariffhssn 1406479365
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