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Bomb Scare in Huntington Beach? #wasntme

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Don Brown
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don_brown 1360392539
Now you mention it @kyramorgan I did see Betty White running around!!
don_brown 1360392636
You won best joke @worldsbestdad ... You owe @cuates a back massage as a prize
don_brown 1360393515
@hutsonc ... Easy tiger, I have those from the last heist .., I went straight for the kitchen appliances this time.., almost got away with the magic bullet set and a sodastream. Next time.
stefanlillisakesson 1360397253
Raining? But... It "never rains in southern California"...
worldsbestdad 1360400105
I only give @cuates front massages but thanks for the victory nod anyway on this one.
grayslide 1360420464
Don, you shouldn't try to scare innocent people just cause you are angry that so cal tried to give you some English weather you ran away from..
samdauria 1360431413
@don_brown or is it just that ex cop looking for revenge?
altamatt 1360454065
I called and made reservations
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