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This woman is the strongest person I've ever met. She provided the foundation and inspired me to become the person I am today. She's holding my first pro model skateboard we found while cleaning out her garage this morning. Thanks for not freaking out when I opted to drop out of college at 19 and move to California to skateboard. It was great to see you and I can't wait for you to live in California. I love you Mom! #thankyoumom #thankyouskateboarding

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Josh Friedberg
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stokedsteve 1360370317
Awesome story! She believed in you and it paid off. Congrats @joshfriedberg - true inspiration.
kirkdianda 1360376441
Awesome picture and post, on so many levels!
joshfriedberg 1360378239
Thank you @stokedsteve! You know a little belief goes a long way :)
joshfriedberg 1360378270
Thanks @kirkdianda!
magerkurth 1360382046
This is just beautiful, Josh. Your mother and the sentiment.
mcg5 1360384725
@joshfriedberg Highest possible props to her. She was like my "across the street mom" for years and was so good to us.
joshfriedberg 1360385405
Thank you @magerkurth. Words from the heart come easy :)
joshfriedberg 1360385510
I'll pass them on @mcg5. We were lucky to grow up with a few good moms looking out for us!
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