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I didn't move to California for this. Bullshit. I want my money back.

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Don Brown
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something_clever 1360370398
Looks like a sunny day in Oregon!
crossfirezine 1360370745
Welcome home!
altamatt 1360371309
We got 2 feet of snow...
kellyhart 1360390204
Still waiting for es to comeback :)
don_brown 1360391146
I'll put some éS stickers on other shoes for you!!! Hit me up if you ever need shoes @kellyhart !!
kellyhart 1360391662
Haha thank you! your the man Don!
davidjefferies 1360396685
stefanlillisakesson 1360397495
We Europeans all believed in the "It never rains in southern California"... I took my daughter to CA a couple of years ago and it rained everyday for 2 weeks... Only first day was sunny and I told my daughter this is how it will be the rest of the 2 week trip. I was wrong... But she was OK and now lives in sunny London.
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