Photo from erickoston

Test drove the @nikegolf #COVERT driver a couple weeks ago. #ITMASHES #SORRY http://youtu.be/bulLh_-Fal8

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chasetherace_ 1360456430
@erickoston you kinda look like a cooler tiger woods
wmeyers18 1360463961
@xbillybrown sick, the club is dirty
kelv20mill 1361728568
id beat you in a game of golf
anteatscake 1363841376
Have you tried the slingshot its sick
jackzylstra1 1364183956
@anteatscake no... No its not
anteatscake 1364184891
@jackzylstra1 a Little late and yes...yes it is
jackzylstra1 1364184934
@anteatscake do you even play golf? Like competition? It is so out dated and wasn't good when it was new.
anteatscake 1364186155
@jackzylstra1 yes I do and I love the club why you hating?
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