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@centralskateboarding x @dirtypigeonclothing #SanFrancisco #Nicaragua Custom Made "Hecho en Nica" Limited #Gigantes Baseball Jersey, SnapBack & Tees.. Dropping Friday March 1st.

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Chico Brenes
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lsd_zay 1360339258
Damn son good shit
marcjohnson 1360341130
@chicobrenes so March 1st on the site? You know I'm bout them white T's. πŸ‘ŠβšΎπŸ¦
chicobrenes 1360341520
@marcjohnson_ The jersey's at the store, we might put the hats & tees on the site. I'll put a medium white tee aside for you. Thanks for the support Marc.
eddycc 1360342924
@chicobrenes you going to fan fest tomorrow ?
chicobrenes 1360345853
@eddycc I want to but is going to be nuts over there so might chill on it.
enriquelorenzoo 1360346692
@chicobrenes πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ‘
eddycc 1360349656
@chicobrenes damn πŸ‘Ž alright man. Have a good one man !! SF Giants another repeat this season man !!
jovonvest 1360858664
Happy b day
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