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This fool @domowaka is the shit! #myfavoriteskater #halfaselfie

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chase webb
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jubricks 1360548092
Gosh, I wish you stayed close to my dad. (Brian your cousin)
chasewebb 1360548756
I don't have a cousin Brian @juliananicholebrandt1
jubricks 1360615871
My dad said he is your cousin, he talks to your mom all of the time. I sound creepy tho.
chasewebb 1360621046
@juliananicholebrandt1 I was honestly so confused, that's why I said I didn't, but anyways tell Brian I said what's up! Where you guys livin nowadays?
jubricks 1360624375
Alright, we watch your vids on YouTube all the time, we live in South Carolina. Mostly chill.
nirad_kane 1360732726
Chasey! <3 is your hat still missing?
chasewebb 1360734079
Shits long gone
nosebluntsupplyco 1361326572
@domowaka @chasewebb you guys want some free Noseblunt Apparel
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