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1986 Schmitt Stix Team Shirt. Still got yours @originalbk??

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Don Brown
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don_brown 1360337668
Mini Monty's were rad! The good ole Tarampula days @gnarmadillo !!
don_brown 1360341540
Schmitt was my roommate @daveswift01 ... Want to see the video I have of him sleeping?
don_brown 1360368611
You see this one @originalbk
originalbk 1360373927
Oh shit, I did not! That is awesome. I used mine years ago to wipe up the blood from a friend who took a nasty fall at a backyard pool. Ah, the memories of the 80s.
don_brown 1360387389
You remember that shirt @mikikeller ?!
mikikeller 1360436033
I love it, but its before my time. But I remember Paul's ramp in my backyard. :)
don_brown 1360644018
#skateboarding #skateboarder #skateboard #skater #skate #iphonesia #photooftheday #tshirtwars #schmittstix #1986 #hell #heaven
don_brown 1379003394
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