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Tony Hawk

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School report, 1978. Quite possibly my only A+ for a written assignment. She must have overlooked the illustrations..

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Tony Hawk
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_jackhunter 1360340202
That must be worth so so much now
jarsh_ 1360341578
How did you write a paper on skating? "My name is tony, I'm about to revolutionize the game of skateboarding." Haha
bmxdmc 1360343033
This is so cool
zobi_1 1360343395
I had such a massive crush on tony when I was 18, hes still pretty cute all these (20+)years later ;-)
kgribz 1360357202
Too cute.
spirin_misha 1360579452
_deadsenshi 1360901531
I did a project on the history of skateboarding. When I handed it in teacher said she had one with metal wheels when she was s kid thought that was cool
corey_campbell_ 1360949923
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