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Chico Brenes

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1988, this was around the time I really got into skateboarding. #TBT

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Chico Brenes
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whoskuyaben 1360297672
@chicobrenes 4sho. That'd be awesome. Have a good one man.✌
willysantos 1360298417
jconstantino72 1360338649
michaelgarys 1360390702
I'll never forget a few years back I got a call from you when I was laying down reading a book. One of my friends was at an event for zumiez and knew I was so stoked on your part in the DVS video. I guess it got brought up and you called me from his phone. It was like a five second conversation but I remember I was so excited I couldn't even sleep. I went skating flat ground in some grocery store parking lot until the sun started coming up. That magic still hasn't ever left my mind. #ThankYouSkateboarding and #ThankYouChico
chicobrenes 1360421781
Awesome... I remember that #ThankYouSkateboarding @strawhat_gary
dustymophead 1360856949
@chicobrenes happy birthday Chico have a blessed day and thank you for being you and motivating kids like me everywhere
chicobrenes 1360857093
@drb_tiez Thank You..
jacob_rieder 1360899653
Happy Birthday Man. You inspire me so much to keep doing what I love. @chicobrenes
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