Photo from jamie_foy

Soooo hyped on my first package from @nikesb thanks for the support. #makingacomeup #beonthelookout #onlinepartinprogress

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kevintimmons_ 1360292998
I told you homie, so hyped for you #ratchetboys
mazdaaratti 1360294142
Dayummmmm, so sick.
jamie_foy 1360345149
Do wat? @crosstownclothing
kevintimmons_ 1360362169
You in tamp yet?
jamie_foy 1360363465
Nahh imma be there by like 8
jamie_foy 1360363471
kevintimmons_ 1360363648
Ay same we finna get ratchet
davidteplicki 1368053659
Who do u send footy to for nike
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