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Today's ride brings a plane at one of the two airports I pass. 26 miles in, stopping for a stretch before I do about 6 more to my house for lunch and then to write. #skateboarding

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Andrew Cannon
tylerjelly 1360270277
Good stuff man. Sounds like some quality rehab
mendentall 1360273993
Dude you're gnarly. Be careful man. Can't believe all your doing already
andrewcannon 1360276066
@mattmendenhall it is keeping me sane and its super enjoyable. You'll have to come for a ride sometime when you're out here, it's beautiful landscape.
mikekij 1360277776
Ride to Carlsbad and I'll ride back to AZ with you.
andrewcannon 1360278251
If you're serious then ill take a bus out with my bike and we can do it! I've wanted to ride out there but havnt been in the right shape. I'm sure another month of consistent rides and ill be ready to rock. @mikekij thoughts?
mendentall 1360282488
Gnarly. I'm down just maybe a smaller cruise haha
mathblaster610 1360301943
Damn you're killing it!
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