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Tony Hawk

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Tony Hawk
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jay_tolley 1364416981
Did u know guys u can still google stuff too instead of asking pointless questions that @tonyhawk is never going to answer
aquaroxy 1367374919
@tonyhawk what was it like becoming famous? How did you first start skateboarding?😍😍😍
nishalu 1367466153
@tonyhawk Did you go to Tierrasanta Elemetary I go there lol plus @katnissnishiyama :)
austenfraser 1371347061
Can you do a backflip?
donnny_ 1372657768
@tonyhawk Do you Remeber Shane symons? He's my best friends dad. He said he grew up skating with you and he told me some funny stories. Just wondering if he was telling the truth.
donnny_ 1372658929
I know there's 3000 people asking you questions. But it would mean alot to me and his dad if you reply please bro. @tonyhawk
dammitpayton 1374652080
@donnny_ @tonyhawk answer his question I wanna know now too!!!
chinatownling 1381775683
Yeah I want to know also tony. Come on man. I thought you were being for real with this post. Not one answer. Not even one
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