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Skatepark of Tampa

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Ask and you shall receive. One of our online customers Sterling from West Point, Ga asked for a signature from our fearless leader @dailybs and our Digital Ninja @meronek Thanks for the support. - @ch1ckenl1vers #skateparkoftampa

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Skatepark of Tampa
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sterling17 1360185088
thank you so much!!! @spottampa
zacschuss 1360186224
I want one!
iankorenek 1360186396
Straight great hospitality at SPOT ! Last march for the Pro as soon as I pulled into the parking lot on thurs my starter in my Cherokee went out and u guys helped me moved my truck hooked me up with a good cheap auto shop etc. Just one of the many reasons this place and its people rule so much !!! Can't wait till this march !
iankorenek 1360186426
^ @spottampa
meronek 1360186458
@sterling17 haha awesome Sterling, thanks for the order!
spottampa 1360186949
@iankorenek that was probably Foster's Auto down the street. They fix all our cars here. Hope to see you at Tampa Pro again. Thanks for coming - Rob
___bardo 1360249278
Bullshit. I ask for some cool shit all the time.
sterling17 1433556924
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