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Full Force Filming program for the #planbvideo ! 📷by @thisguysthelimit

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Torey Pudwill
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adrok007 1360181565
Awesome double checkvales with dual gates lol
admayn 1360189535
Sweet pic
shredmeister93 1360198556
@daewon1song it's on lemon.!
daewon1song 1360199637
@shredmeister93 that's right!! @toreypudwill1 it's off lemon !!!
shredmeister93 1360200825
@daewon1song haaha! Me and my friends would always skate by there and talk about how impossible it looked to skate that thing! And idk if you remember me but I used to skate your bench at your house with a friend
maryeeoh 1360201566
Where's this spot at?????
lives2skate 1360213772
Omg I live down the street from there FUCK that's on Colima right! @toreypudwill1 omg I was down the street skating to ugh FML I'm checking Instagram every second of ever because if I missed an opportunity to skate or just chill with tpuds ugh FML!!!! :(
lives2skate 1394160227
@board96 wrong trick but see
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