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Lizard King

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Lizard King
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eat__then287 1361565977
Exactly my point, ignorant. If you opened your eye you would realize that we were all made equal, people like you @supboy121 just cause problems.
kickachase 1361566033
@supboy121 secretly craves dicks.
supboy121 1361566057
@eat__then whatever man @bigbizliz sorry for all these comments and shit mab
supboy121 1361566091
@kickachase fuck no
supboy121 1361566111
I'm married @kickachase
eat__then287 1361566242
So is my mom, to a woman. @supboy121
eat__then287 1361566517
I got dude I consider my brothers that are gay, they keep it to them selves. They are gnarly skaters, you would never know they were gay unless they told you @supboy121
schoolboyserg 1387140823
@supboy121 is secretly gay and shoves gerebles up his ass
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