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Someone lose a gondola?

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Don Brown
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john_kreutter 1360166444
@don_brown that's awesome, always been a big fan of the company. I really appreciate the fact that they are skater owned and all of that good stuff. I'm actually super interested in getting involved with Etnies, and I really think I could do you guys a lot of justice. I do a lot of downhill racing, professionally and am always traveling the world and putting out media. Anyway you could help me get in touch with someone!?
john_kreutter 1360166646
@don_brown and as a matter of fact, I feel like I've heard your name before. I used to be really into the history of freestyle skating, and stuff... were you really involved in that whole scenem
don_brown 1360166753
Hit me up don.brown@soletechnology.com I'll see if there's any opportunities @john_kreutter
john_kreutter 1360166816
@don_brown That's awesome. Thanks, and will do!
natnonara 1360217867
Don, I've got this kind of pic too :))
don_brown 1360218457
I bet yours is better @natnonara ... Your pics kick arse!!
allison_bogart 1360397419
WTF?! How is that legal?!!
don_brown 1391671825
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