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Super proud to bring this one to the world. bit.ly/ig-ks The new Know Skateboarding app available now FREE for iOS and Android! cc: @knowskate

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Josh Friedberg
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joshfriedberg 1360085321
Thanks @bobkronbauer, wanted to give people a daily recap of the good stuff. @robertbrink is crushing it!
robertbrink 1360087380
@bobkronbauer @joshfriedberg thanks duders
iamtgcmac3g 1360097879
Dopeeee!!!! About To Cop It!!!!! Let Me Know If U Ever Need Anything!!!! #HUSTLEorDIE @joshfriedberg
joshfriedberg 1360105480
Thanks homie, hope you like it! @iamtgcmac3g
iamtgcmac3g 1360105821
Shits Fresh!!!! Im Digginn The Berrics And Other Feeds!!!! Good Shit!!!! Im Gonna Be Dumping A Bunch Of Old Stuff I Filmed Over The Yrs On Youtube This Yr!!! I Be Hyped To Get A TGCTV Tab Or Whatever I Can Do To Help!!!! Just Let Me Know!!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Š
fuckfranz 1360735484
love the app now i dont have to look vids up on youtube :) #thebestthingever
joshfriedberg 1360736435
Thank you @osscrew!
fuckfranz 1360766220
thank you @joshfriedberg
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