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Andrew Cannon

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Agalloch, Tea and a purging of thoughts for this novel. #agalloch

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Andrew Cannon
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senderud 1360045154
Saw them the night I went to jail. Dude had leather pants. Aside from that they were awesome
musthrash 1360045265
@andrewcannon666 they live in Portland ... I've seen them twice!
andrewcannon 1360046308
@senderud OMFG leather pants?! He should have been in jail with you LOL!!!! I've heard they are not good live but I have listened to live stuff on NPR and shit and the dudes voice is raw and I like that. How have you been amigo? Shoot me an email and let me know what you're up to!
latenightplush 1360050778
:) sounding good so far
mendentall 1360052166
Novel righting class? Damn that's awesome
senderud 1360114584
I don't know that I have your email anymore yourname666@hotmail?
andrewcannon 1360121951
@senderud yes but @yahoo
jett.x 1360347298
Hey man, it would be pretty rad if you could check out my band at stateofdecay702.bandcamp.com, if you dig the music, let me know and ill give you a free download code. It's heavy, I hope you like it!
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