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Sierra Fellers

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@ducky_zachary_kovacs is the winner of the @boneswheels insta wheels. #thefellersgivesback. Gonna be more give a ways this week.

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Sierra Fellers
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hunter_hingley 1360010606
^is that really how you guys are guna act. Someone else won. Get over it. Its a contest. And did you stop and think maybe those are bones wheels he's skating? #stfu
tljenicek 1360010695
I didn't even enter it @nick_a_mackey @hunter_hingley. I was just sayin. No need to be all dumb about it.
the_f00t_soldier 1360011116
thefellers 1360013283
@tljenicek there is wheels in this picture. Didn't say send a close up of ur wheels. Just send a photo is ur wheels mayn. I'm gonna be doing a bunch more give a way stuff too.
tljenicek 1360013764
Yeah I figured that was what's up. No worries homie!
yougotfuckedbitch_ 1360017581
No fukin way yeah ducky! @ducky_zachary_kovacs
duckkovacs 1360020429
Fuck yeah boi!!!!!
lynn_marie_ 1360030536
Yeah @ducky_zachary_kovacs!
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