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Kerry Getz

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The chief, the legend, the best! Don't ever forget the guys who have done so much for skateboarding and @jamiethomas is one them.

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Kerry Getz
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chuckaluffagus83 1360006682
His Welcome to Hell part is one of my favorites of all time.
kerrygetz 1360006824
@travisbickle83 mine too! Game changing and mind blowing to this day. #welcometohell
phil_wilks 1360006858
Misled youth!
shredhead_21 1360009917
ohwader79 1360010901
I can name trick for trick his welcome to hell part. With the iron maiden song playing . Pisses my girlfriend off lol
kevinjimmytho 1360015543
Hahaha truth @prowler_ak
chris_tavares_ 1360019987
been one of my favorite skaters since i was 12.16 years later and he is definetly still inspiring.thanks dude! @jamiethomas
freedumb8 1364170318
So many greats, thomas is definitely one of them!
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