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monoffeepie 1360013798
Sa guuuuudddd👌👌👌
domkaylanixon 1360019695
Tell me about oyster crackers...??? @robbierusso
bradhebebrand 1360022711
Go to Ed's Lobster Bar in SoHo. That is the best lobster roll you'll ever eat. Go and report back.
ianstewart__ 1360030101
Nice one!
robbierusso 1360105030
Sounds legit @bradhebebrand but didn't have the time, next time I be all over that!!
bradhebebrand 1360105088
Ed's is in NYC.
robbierusso 1360105187
@smiggzy they go straight in your lobster bisque or clam chowder, they are savory. They add mad texture, soo good
robbierusso 1360179190
Oh sik!! @bradhebebrand
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