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Have a bam good day friends !!!

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kaiden_watermelon 1368382790
Elements are the best out there @wizzy0124 I would reccomend an element over anything.
eskimobrother1 1370620188
@yocurry I think you need to take a seat rather than Wizzy. Chill the fuck out man. He asked a question, it required a simple answer rather than bitching him out about it..
christhexplorer 1372780295
You're a dick, dude. @yocurry
yocurry 1372783547
@christhexplorer, he called me a bitch,
christhexplorer 1372783634
He asked a question. Even if it wasn't the right place to ask it, or it just sounded weird, you made an ass out of yourself. @yocurry
markfromwalgreens 1374645682
Same board!
raskils_skate 1397104893
@starheadbody Hey man we’re kicking off our skate program and we'd be stoked to run a challenge with you and Element. Check out the bmx scene to get an idea of what we do: @raskils_app HMU if you’re down✌️
pokusunified 1427142389
@madarsapse doing the #backtothefuture 😎
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