Photo from ethanloy

Broke it inside my wrist guard 😳 my wrist keeps getting worse...

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johnnyschillereff 1360042590
@ethanloy > Such a bummer dude. Heel up!
danyamoreira 1360044634
Hi ily
nompilovictoria 1360047649
Ur so cute 😘
nicosauceda 1360048364
Oh boy
ibayethan 1360048522
The Loy brothers always be Breslin their wrists.. Smh πŸ˜’ hahaha @ethanloy & @davidloy
ibayethan 1360048582
The Loy brothers always be breakin their wrists... Smh πŸ˜’ haha @davidloy & @ethanloy
bernardocorrea_ 1361710672
bzillaaa 1363036804
@ethanloy wtf haha your the kid I battled tre up the step up at Mesa when I was drunk haha I had no idea you where Ethan Loy! Small fucking world
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