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Josh Kalis

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#fuckthesuperbowl We out here. JKWON L.A. Love.

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Josh Kalis
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lancestreetsk8r 1359924823
When are you all coming to Atlanta
wtfdj_ 1359924825
How I am
trentobean_ 1359925486
The shake bowl is today? Didn't notice....a group of rad humans shredding and taking over the streets today? That grabbed my attention!
vanillaface117 1359926947
Yeah fuck the super sports ball tournament kill that shit!!!
emiliog0nzalez 1359928691
hell yeah fuck taht super bowl shit
dangosun 1359929606
Fuck the stuper bowl!!!
worldsbestfilmer 1359931628
Dope crew right there G @dgkalis
onefelix 1359945065
JKwon sesh with tha homies > any Super Bowl!
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