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Max Schaaf

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Sunday morning paint church. Still need to add black around all the panels and add the gold pin line. Never done the weird side panel drag technique. Kinda wood grainy. #oldmanandthesea #faded #oakland #morecoffee #4qpaint

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Max Schaaf
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autobutcher 1392912020
@dirty_thieves give me a call and I'll tell ya what you need to do to get that effect.
walkermw 1396836581
drackett_1966 1421508356
This is amazing. So you lay down some clear before you spray the black around the panels?..wondering how you tape it off without messing the soot up @4q69
4q69 1421775496
@drackett_1966 fog some clear over it and let it dry, so it locks it down
drackett_1966 1421800423
Rad, thanks again max
drackett_1966 1421800430
antonio_mezzarana 1429004610
Looks so fucking awesome!!!
alexrudulph 1447299801
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