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Skatepark of Tampa

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Well, We will all miss this showing up in the mail.. Off to the digital subscription world Skateboarder Mag goes.... - @dailybs

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Skatepark of Tampa
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jeffersonpang 1359902972
@skateboarder_magazine I actually got to see a beta version of where they're going with this, and it's quite impressive. Good to see the original skateboard magazine blazing the trails into the digital age/future.
aidanchristopher 1359903579
_snews 1359904687
pastor_dvorak 1359907737
Ugh all my subscriptions are doing this. I'll never read a digital magazine, so I guess these companies are SOL.
keith3po 1359907879
They will be distributing print copies to skateboard shops like @spottampa
pizzamob_ 1359912579
Hopefully Thrasher won't do this
bucclife 1359913225
@spottampa @dailybs it's true, we will offer print, just no subscriber copies. Just core shop. Distribution. @keith3po knows!!
socialstudies 1359924259
😭👎 my fav.
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