Photo from jamie_foy

Day no.2 My dream spot. Such a buttery ass rail. Nothing like this in soflo #skatephotoaday #calispots #somedayyouwillfeelmywrath #done

falchionswielder 1359860940
Not gonna lie I thought you posted a pic of el toro lmao
josh_park 1359860953
Alec majerus kf back lip was so insane
nosebluntsupplyco 1359861821
@jamie_foy where in cali?
michael_schmidt 1359866454
@jamie_foy 2 hours from my house
anthonygnarcia 1361294550
@jamie_foy go out to Cali and stay at michael shmidts crib
jamie_foy 1361294714
Hahahah I would love too @anthonygnarcia @michael_schmidt
jamie_foy 1415124346
Hahaha @onthatnote I posted this a long ass time ago
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