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#project1eleven when the clock struck 1:11am I was on my home from a long day at the @berrics - I'm glad I took this photo when I did because I missed 1:11pm as I was sitting in novel cafe brainstorming with the boys of grizzly grip, Sean and @toreypudwill - good things on the rise. #grizzlygang

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gringagirl 1359840896
Good to see your face again!
rguerra_br 1359841433
I'll try
justinmarcel 1359842659
What inspired this project @steveberra
dr4k3 1359842991
@steveberra my friend and I plan on making a trip to LA in mid march, can anyone come and skate because we would love too but wasn't sure of the rules?
lilsk8walt 1359852275
I was driving then too
edwlouis 1359859875
Absolutely love your insta projects 😙👍
toreypudwill 1359917617
Woo :)
blakbunta 1360264689
... Yogi...
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