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First spot of the day @joshdouglass @mikethack @handrailskater #stackin #miami #droppinthefulllengthsoon #perfectweather

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alejandroyurrita 1359827977
austinbutler12342 1359829901
You should come to naples
jamie_foy 1359831270
Dawgg wen we left a big nigga walked up to my filmer @mikethack and told him to put the camera bag down nd he had a gun in his pocket @alejandroyurrita so yea ur right #bestcommunity #frendlyniggasallaround
alejandroyurrita 1359869179
Wow did that guy cry ally take it?! Oh my god. You have to roll with at least five bigger dudes when you go by there to not get hassled 😦 dam dude I hope @mikethack still has all his shit
jamie_foy 1359869663
Yea we just dipped. The dude looked like a punk ass bitch wen @mikethack said no and dipped. The nigga looked suprised lol @alejandroyurrita
alejandroyurrita 1359869814
Hahaha #dumbassbitch froze up
jshaw.shoots 1360359146
Hmu let's go skate one of these days @jamie_foy
mikesugdinis 1361235457
Where is this?
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